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It seems that another out-of-town fried chicken alternative option is coming to Hollywood very soon, with the opening of the famed Harold’s Chicken Shack in Hollywood. The South Side Chicago favorite is expected to arrive by late summer or early fall, though no opening date has been confirmed yet.

What’s even more compelling: Harold’s isn’t saying just where they’ll land. All we know is that it’s on Hollywood Boulevard and will be a full sit-down restaurant experience.

That does narrow down the search some given how small spaces along Hollywood Blvd. can be, and points to an expanded concept than the original shack outfit. They said, think Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar in Atlanta, which offers a full line of cocktails and more.

For those unfamiliar, Harold’s is a Chicago-area institution that has transcended into pop culture icon, and has expanded over the years to include several cities across the midwest and into the south. They don’t quite have the reach of a Memphis-born Gus’s World Famous — or the star cache of Sweet Chick or even Astro Doughnuts — but should do well regardless of their final location on Hollywood Blvd.