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Well aware San Fernando Valley homebuyers have always looked for exceptional deals on homes they know will increase in value. But after the real estate market meltdown a few years back, today’s potential home buyers are even more adamant to discover a bargain, and they are careful about which San Fernando Valley Homes they decide to spend their money on.

To get the attention of these savvy prospective San Fernando Valley Home buyers, you need to price your home stunningly and spice up the features that today’s home buyer will find most valuable.

Additionally, you could guess at how to do that yourself, but quite often, you will actually end up wasting your time and money while your home sits on the market a lot longer then anticipated. Nonetheless, an experienced and knowledgable listing agent can always help you get the ideal strategy right the first time, saving you valuable time and getting your home sold at a much greater price in the process.

Avoid Horrible San Fernando Valley Listing Agents

Our San Fernando Valley Listing Agents recommend that you don’t trust your largest asset to a rookie listing agent who does not even have experience dealing with home buyers in today’s San Fernando Valley real estate housing market.  Furthermore, our San Fernando Valley Listing Agents recommend that you hire an agent who has been in the business for years and has a proven record of selling homes in the local San Gabriel Valley area.

On another note, make sure to stay away from San Fernando Valley Listing Agents who cut their commission to get your business. Generally, these types of San Fernando Valley Listing Agents barely and rarely cut the amount of money they put in their pockets. On the contrary. often they are just cutting the services that are crucial to marketing and selling your San Fernando Valley home for top dollar.

What Makes An Exceptional San Fernando Valley Listing Agent?

Getting an expert San Fernando Valley Listing Agent in today’s unpredictable real estate market is not hard if you know what to search for. Our San Fernando Valley Listing Agents recommend that you Interview at least three listing agents and choose the one who:

  1. Treats you professionally.
  2. Makes you feel comfortable and is willing to answer all any and all your questions.
  3. Uses the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) a system San Fernando Valley Listing Agents use to help advertise your home to thousands of people.
  4. Has at least 4-5 years experience as a full-time real estate agent.
  5. Consistently sells at least 35 homes a year in the San Fernando Valley area.

The Simplest Way to Discover A Great San Fernando Valley Listing Agent

If you already know of a great listing agent who has those qualifications, awesome! Go with that listing agent! But, if you don’t already know one, consider using our San Fernando Valley Listing Agents at Loza Homes.

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